Well, here we are!

So, over the past year or so, I have been putting along on a free website builder. I figured I could make that work, I just had a hard time committing to any one decision. I'd move a few things around here and there, but was never completely happy with the minimal progress I was making. Between our etsy shop, and random orders stemming from Facebook and Instagram, I was keeping busy enough - on top of being a full time student anyway.

Well, final exams ended on Monday, and I am finally ready to invest some serious time and effort into making and sharing some awesome leather goods! This week has been a blast! I've spent time catching up on orders, creating some cool new products, and - drum roll.... FINISHING OUR WEBSITE! ...kind of... I scrapped our original website, and started from the ground up. Maybe it was the excess time I had, maybe it was just the excitement of making our work more available to you guys, but in just a few days, things really came together for us. There are, of course, kinks to work out. As our site is in its infancy, please be patient with us. Email us at timberandhide@gmail.com with any concerns or suggestions you may have.

Please know that I stand with our products. We put a lot of love into everything we make. All of our products spend at least a few days as my personal carry items to ensure they are both durable and useful. We make corrections where we feel they are needed, and never cut corners that would compromise the authentic look or strength of our products.

Thanks for reading what I have to say, and for supporting us in this new endeavor! Hope you enjoy our little online shop.