What's in your back pocket?

As mentioned in our last blog post, each product we build is field tested before attaching our seal of approval. While I'm completely in love with every item we produce, I obviously have to carefully select which items suit my daily needs - well enough to endure as my own personal carry items. In this post, I just want to briefly share with you some of the items I carry every single day, and why.

#1. The Front Pocket Cardholder

The cardholder I carry to this day is actually the very first cardholder I ever made. Yes, I've made a few cosmetic improvements since it's creation (over 2 years ago), but it is essentially the same as the front pocket cardholder listed on our site, or more accurately, as our "original front pocket cardholder". I love this wallet because it is incredibly simple, slim, and stylish. I have no trouble keeping my daily card carry under 6-7 cards, so this is perfect for me. I almost never carry coins, so not having a coin pocket isn't really an issue.

#2. Leather Key Clip

Again, this was the first prototype version of what is now our Leather Key Clip. It too has evolved with a little more trial and error, but not much. The best indicator of the strength of this key chain are the visible teeth marks from my teething daughter. My key clip has spent half of it's life stuffed into my pockets, and the rest dangling from my belt, getting a heavy beating from regular use in all elements. The leather key clip serves as an easy to access belt clip, but even if you don't want to rock it on your belt, it is simply an awesome looking key chain.

#3. The Aviator Satchel

For the longest time, I felt like I couldn't justify owning one of our leather bags. I didn't have the time to build one for myself, and I didn't want to sacrifice leather that could otherwise have been used to profit the business. Fortunately (and Unfortunately I suppose) an order fell through after cutting out a medium sized bag. I had a few days off  school, so I set aside the time, and finished my very own Aviator Satchel. What a treat. I chose to leave the bag in natural veg, so that I could experience the full effect of the patina on the leather. After only a few months of use, the bag has darkened to a satisfying tan colour, and will continue to darken and soften at my side. My personal bag is the medium size - perfect for carrying my 13 inch macbook pro, charging cable, my note book, and a few textbooks.

#4. The Lineham Belt

I really don't need to explain much about this belt. It really is just a simple, high quality leather belt. It looks awesome with denim, and is aging beautifully. The hardware perfectly contrasts the natural leather in look, and matches in strength and durability.